Tibetan Regong art gets government funding

Called “the flower on the Tibetan Plateau”, Regong art is an important part of Tibetan Buddhism with a history of more than 700 years. It has been popular with ethnic Tibetan and Tu folk artists in Qinghai Province, Sichuan Province and many other areas. Regong art is an ancient style that includes paintings, murals, thangka, barbola, and sculptures, and was listed with the first batch of China’s national-level intangible cultural heritage items.

The Regong Art Academy of Tongren County of Qinghai Province was opened in 2006 in order to inherit, showcase and sell the works. The academy is expanding into vocational school to teach as many as 500 students.

The 17th Party Congress of the CPC established a new policy that promotes Chinese culture and protects intangible cultural heritage. (english.cntv/program, 20111123)

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